Biggest Problems of Muslims Today General Muslim and Scholar Role

In the name of Allah The Most Gracious The Most Merciful. 

We praise Him, and we ask His blessings on His Noble Prophet.

I present this useful pamphlets to every Islamic School, Islamic Association, Islamic Government, rather to every Muslim, and request them to serve the cause of Islam. 
The Biggest Problem Muslims facing today

1.In fact, during this age there is a day-to-day decline in our commitment to Islam and Islamic way of life,
2. And objections against our true Faith are raised not only by disbelievers, but also by present day Muslims. 
2.Obligatory observances (practices) are being neglected not only by the common Muslims, but by those also who hold important positions. 
3.Millions of Muslims have indulged in clear false worship, not to speak of neglecting Salaah and Fasting, yet they are never conscious of their practices being against pure obedience to Allah. 

1.Exceeding the religious limits is very common and making fun of religious beliefs has become a fashion of the day. That is why Muslim scholars have even begun to avoid the common folk and the result of this state of affairs is that ignorance about the teachings of Islam is increasing day by day. 

2. General People offer the excuse that no one teaches them the religion of Islam with a keen interest, and the Muslim scholars have an excuse that no one listens to them attentively, 
1.But none of these excuses is valid before Allah. As a matter of fact, He will never accept the excuse of the common folk that they were ignorant about religious matters for to learn religion and to make a serious effort to get knowledge of its practices is the personal responsibility of every Muslim.
2. Since "ignorance of law" is no excuse under any government, then why should it be accepted by the Master of all rulers? They say, making excuses for crime is worse than crime itself. 

3. Similarly, the excuse of the scholars that no one listens to them does not hold good. They boast of representing the great spiritual leaders and pious of the past, but never consider how many troubles and hardships they had suffered to preach the true religion! Were they not hit with stones? 

4. Were they not abused and oppressed to the extreme degree? But in spite of all these obstacles and hardships, they fulfilled their responsibilities about preaching and they propagated the message of Islam regardless of any opposition. 

Generally, the Muslims have limited the work Dawah and Tabligh to the scholars only, whereas every Muslim has been commanded by Allah (Subhanahu wa Taala) to prevent people from doing forbidden things. Even if we admit for a moment that Tabligh is the duty of Muslim scholars only, who do not perform it properly, then it is the particular duty of every Muslim to preach Islam. 

The importance that has been laid on Tabligh by the Quran and Hadith is proved by the Ayah of the Quran and sayings of the Nabi (Sallallaho Alaihi Wassallam) that are being quoted in the following pages. Therefore, you cannot limit Dawah and Tabligh to scholars only, nor can it be an excuse for you to neglect the same. I would request every Muslim to devote his time and energy to Dawah Tabligh as much as he can. 

"Consider, the time at your disposal a blessing; for none knows what his end will be. " 

You need not be a perfect scholar to preach Islam and good moral values to humanity. Whatever knowledge of Islam you possess, you must pass it on to others. Whenever anything morally wrong or forbidden is done in your presence, then as a Muslim it is your duty to prevent it, as far as it lies in your power. 

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