Anti Muslims and Anti Islamic Scholars on You Tube and Face book Damaging Islam

Assalam O Alaikum

Who are Anti Islamic and Anti Muslims Scholars who unknowingly damaging Islam under cover of true Islam?

Their are many brothers and sisters


in the world who do not able to recognise ttheir creator and lord Almighty Allah. They have not able to know about their guide and leader Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi wasallam. The man who strived day and night tirelessly for the benefit of mankind to save them from fire of the heel.

There are many who dont know the message of their lord sent to them the Holy Quran.

Some of these brothers may be apparantly anti Islam and Anti Muslim because of some misunderstanding.. Some not all among those whose heart has been blocked may become extreme in their antagoinism.

May Allah guide them all. It is not difficult for Allah who has given Hidayat to Abu Sufiyan. Hinda ,Akram bib Abi Jehal , Hazrat Wahshi, Hazrat Khalid Raziallahu Anhu..............So he can give guidance to even those who are considered as worst enemy of Islam and Muslims.

Allah may even take their work of Islam from their bitter enemy by giving Hidayat to them as happened in case of TATAARS

Above is one side of story .........
There is another side of story......................that is more heart breaking

Their are Muslims who unknowingly in their Nadani with their action and words act in a way which is clearly anti islamic and anti muslim. There is no doubt that their word and action is causing damage to Islam and Muslims. We would like to categories some of them to alert ourself .So that all those Muslims involved in it could change their track and may become a good Muslim to help Muslim.

1.    All those Muslims who are doing open erroneous acts in front of others are giving bad name to Islam
2.    These Muslims are misrepresenting Islam and consequently Islam and Muslim are being defamed. And this is a hindrance for Non Muslims who want to understand Islam.
3.    Those Muslims who are doing unislamic rituals at the graves of Aulia Allah,doing sujood, Doing dua other than Allah, Allowing women to graves that is prihibitted.

Actual Islamic Scholars with knowledge  Taqwa are not on You tube/Face book/Internet. No connection with general public

1.The actual scholars of Islam who are teaching in Madarsas, Islamic Universities, are very good people Full of knowledge, Taqwa, But they have no connection with general Public on internet.

2. They are not on TV Channels/You Tube Face book /internet. Some of them even don’t have e mail ID. They are very great first and Second line Scholars not knowing about affairs on internet.

3.Some of them are on internet but they are doing positive inspirational work only and not touching the topics of Group differences in which majority of general Muslims have interest.

4.And these good scholar remain silent on controversial issues that are hardly 15-20 among Muslim groups like Placing of hand in prayer, Ameen loud or silent,.....etc

Those who are coming as scholars on internet on controversial topics among groups are third line Scholars most of them are with little knowledge and Taqwa. They are directly mishandeling the Muslim Ummah and destroying Islam to promote their subideology under cover of true Islam

They have very strong affiliation to groups and sectarian Sub ideology. Most of them don’t know even good Arabic They have not done Mastery on Islam Rather on these group issues with full of hatred for fellow Muslims.
But the tragedy is that those who are gaining Islamic knowledge through internet has no choice but to rely on them.
It is estimated that some 200 million muslims are on internet and it is very big concern that through internet they are being trapped in the network of Groupism ridden scholars with little knowledge, little Taqwa whose work is maligning other groups/Scholar for some wordly gain
4.    These group scholars are living and dying for their groups sub ideology. They are making things out of context and exaggerating mistakes of other for their group gains.
5.    While presenting Quran Ayats and Hadith on matter of difference of opinion they do a cheating and make general public fool by presenting selective Hadith that support them and conceal other Hadith that support the other opinion.
6.    To downgrade other scholars they will even declare a Hadith weak even if it is not Daeef.
7.    They even does not know Arabic to read classical bof Aqeedah like Aqeedatut Tahawi, Lamatul Aitaqad etc but they will talk and confuse Muslims on the name of Aqeedah.

8.    This is a bidirectional process and different groups will become offender and victim with the change of Time.

9.    May Allah save the Muslims from Secterian 3 rd line the so called Ulmae Soo who are Rampaging Islam and Muslims on You tube/Face book/So called Islamic Forums/Internet.

To be continued

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