Aqeeda difference:Reality OR Misprojection

Before Article on  Aqeeda difference:Reality OR Misprojection...............................

Aqeedatut Tahawi Arabic and Full English Translation 
With Advice of Ulemas to face any Fitnah on the name of Aqeedah

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ISLAMIC Aqeedah and issue of AQEEDAH  DIFFERENCES among Muslims groups/organisation 

When I remember my school and college days at we used to hear issue of fiqh differences specially the issue of differences between Hanafi Fiqh (in north India 97-98 muslims are Hanafi) And Salafi  on issues like , juma khutba language, position of hand in prayer, Ameen with loud/slow voice after Surah Fatiha, etc. With the passage of time people learned about the four school of Islamic Jurisprudence and they came to know about basis of these differences. And as they understood the the reality, noise also subsided.

Nowa days another topic of differences has come as Aqeeda differences.
EVERY GROUP IS TALKING ABOUT Aqeedah difference and blaming others as wrong aqeedah and justifying their silent or vocal fighting and subsequent Hatred and Jealousy.
This is eating ummat strength from Inside. 

There is discussion/debate/noise among muslim group/internet forums about Aqeeda differences.

As aqeeda is most important thing everyone should remain concerned about it.

The ideal way should be to educate the ummat about correct Aqeeda and try to educate the general mass about it. 


But at ground level to general public if you acess  the ummat and ask few questions about aqeeda you will find they are knowing very less about Aqeeda.

They know very less about aqeedah But at the same time almost all know that there is aqeeda difference between his group and other group.

This is a major cause of hatred and jealousy and unwanted groupism in the ummat.

We will try to answer these question as the posting will evolve.

 1.What is Basic Aqeeda of Islam

 2. What is difference b/w sunni (Ashari-Maturidi aqeedah followed by hanafi,shafaee,maliki and hanbali schools) and salafi Aqeedah and weather it is basic difference or superficial 

3.What are differences among sunnis subgroups (barelvis,deobandis,kerala sunnis).

The approach will be free from any group mentality,will be unbiased,neutral,and with a muslim perspective with intention of uniting the ummat.

 VITAL and INDESPENSIBLE KNOWLEDGE about aqeedah that a muslim should know and believe

So in the subsequent postings we are dealing with all these issue one by one under two different Unit.Each unit is divided into chaptors.

Unit 1.  It will have Indispensable, vital knowledge about Aqeedah. For General Muslim who is not an Alim/Scholar only Unit 1 is sufficient to know and believe for his/her Iman and Aqeeda, and to become successful in this world and hereafter.

Chaptor1.    What is Aqeedah. Its Definition and Importance
Chaptor 2.   Islamic Aqeeda very Basic.

Chaptor 3.  Quranic Ayats that explain articles of Aqeedah with detail mention of Ayats related to Tauheed and Risalat (believe in Allah and His Messengers)

Chaptor 4    Full Translation of Aqeedatutahawi (A detail book of creed that is acceptable to all four school of Madhhab and Salafi also.)

For general Muslims this much knowledge about aqeedah is enough.

For general muslims our personal request to not to enter into the second unit because these are not essential ilm and Allah will not ask these detail to them.
They can read this unit with the intention that if anyone will misguide him/her on the name of aqeeda /aqeeda difference they can counter these rubbish misguidance. 

Unit 2.

Brief account of difference in Aqeeda matter between Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat. 

(This unit is for those general  muslims (From different mainstream group/organization/ cult within group who are fighting on the name of Aqeedah and misprojecting these difference and blame other mainstream muslim group as deviated/Mushrik. 

This unit will elaborate certain facts in detail

1.Aqeedah of Islam is very simple well explained in Quran and Ahadith and free from any confusion.

2. Sectrrian Scholars and Group Mentality has made it most controversial and confusing issue.Internet forums and discussions among common muslims has further complicated the issue.

3. 98 % of the ISSUES THAT ARE projected as difference in Aqeedah Matter is not at all Aqeedah Matter.

4. Group leader use the term of Aqeedah difference/deviated Aqeedah for other group to garner support for their group and to Malign other group.

 In Google search people has used following search key words e.g (that was sent to blog owner in stats detail)

You will find muslims are searching on Aqeedah differences like

.....................CHICKEN DISHES IN A RESTAURANT e.g   butter chicken, karahi chicke, Chicken tikka ,Chicken tikka masal, Changezi chicken..........................and some special item also like..........TAJ SPECIAL CHICKEN.................

On the same pattern you will find muslims are searching on these key words......................E.G

Salafi Aqeedah

Barelvi Aqeedah against deobandi Aqeeda

Aqeedah of zakir naik

..............................ka kufria Aqeedah 

Mauddodi ka Aqeedah

Tablighi Jamaat ka Aqeeda

Aqeedah of deviated group

Wahabi Aqeedah ................................................


Muslims are understanding that Aqeedah is like chicken dishes and everyone can have according to his her flavour and can mould the Aqeedah ......................

1.Islamic Aqeedah is very clear and only one clearly explained by Quranic Ayats and Ahadith.  

2.There are only few superficial differences among scholars in the matter of dilactics but it is not a basic thing of aqeedah rather accessory matter. Even if you leave whole Dilactic matter your Aqeedah is 100% correct.

e.g   It is tragedy of ummat that we are fighting on the detail of those issues that was not liked by Sahaba and salfussaliheen and was stopped by the knowledgeable Great Imams of the ummah.

One person came to Imam Malik (R.A) and asked

What is the EXPLANATION of Istawa Alal Arsh ????????????

He replied ; Istawa is definite and kaifiat (detail) is not known. After that he asked the questioner to be chased away from his majlis/meeting and said he is spreading     Fitnah. 


1. Be sure Allah will not ask that much detail from you on the day of judgment.  

2. The groups are fighting on the claim of Wrong interpretation of words/writing while the writer/scholar is denying that particular meaning and interpretation.

ALL THE  above mentioned issues will be discussed in this 

unit. 2  

This unit will also help those common Muslim who don’t want to be involved in this fighting but because of approach of others are forced to get it involved, and because of lack of knowledge get confused.) Basis of Aqeeda differences, and ,How  it came in Second hundred hijri.Educating people the background (history of deviated groups like Muatazella etc) and therefore School of Aqeeda was created out of necessity and not out of fun.And in principle the mainstream aqeeda school namely Ashari/ Maturidi/ Athari(Salafi) has minor difference .And the main difference is in the way  of dealing with deviated groups in Aqeeda.

Chaptor  1  When and how school of aqeeda was formed? What was the prevailing situation when Ashari and Maturidi School was formed in 300 Hijri.

 Chaptor 2    Some early work on the detail of Aqeedah of Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat.

Chaptor  3   What are the schools of Aqeedah among present day sunni Muslim . Contemprory Muslims groups (specialy barelvi,deobandi,ahle hadith/salafi of india pakistan).

Chaptor 4. Prominant Muslim groups/organisation/sect around the world and their attachments and their position on Aqeeda.

Chaptor 5. What are the projected contentios issues between muslim groups in the matter of Aqeedah. There position and argement on controversial points. What is the Basis of Aqeeda difference. (For your kind information these contentious issue are very few countable on fingures.).

Chaptor  6 Appeal and request for Muslim Brothers/Sisters.

Approach will be free from any group mentality.
May Allah help us Requesting for dua.