Waseela in islam Intercession Tawassul in Quran Book PDF

Waseela and Tawassul 
What Islam say about it. Know the full detail and every bit and piece about Waseela.
Also dealing with Salafi-Sunni difference on Waseela.

·      What is Waseela Tawassul literal Meaning
·      There     are  three      things 1.Dua 2.Waseela.3.Shirk There understanding.
·      Quran Ayats and Translation that give light on Allah power and way of doing things. 
·      What are 4 Types of Waseelah
·      No difference among scholar on 3 types of Waseela.
·      The difference of opinion among scholars on 4th type of waseela.
·      1st  group of Ignorant Muslims Who oppose Waseelah without understanding and brand waseela as shirk.
·      2nd group of Ignorant Muslims who misuse waseela and do Rituals at grave of Aulia Allah.
·      Some common point on waseelah that all scholars agreed.
·      Example of king-minister or ladder to reach is totally wrong to explain waseela.
·      Ahadith that support 4th Type of Waseela.
·      Salafus salehin Imam Scholars Position on Waseelah
·      Position of those who argue that 4th type of waseelah is not Permissible.
·      Issue of Tawassul and Shirk
·       Some Wrong practices on the name of Waseela.
·       Among Muslim group Polemicists Waseela and Tawassul is one of the most commonly debate topic on internet forums/face book.

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