Imam Abul Hasan Ashari approach in aqeedah & Muatazellah problem

After Imam Ahmad Ibne Hanbal death Muatazell again surfaced with some other issues and this time with much logical and philosphical preparation. 

Then Imam Abul Hasan Ashari led the Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat to end this fitna finally.
To deal with the Fitna Imam Abul Hasan Ashari used a two  way approach.
First Part of his approach

1.    He Emphasised that muslim should know and believe the aqeeda as detailed in quran and Ahadith as explained by sahaba and great scholars and Imams of first few generation of muslim

2. No philosophical and interpretational approach (Taweel is commonly used word for this among scholar) will be applied to explain it.

2.  Second part of his approach
To counter the philosophical explanation and approach of misled group like Muatazila, al-Mujassamah etc the philosophical and interpretaional approach should be applied. Because each subject has its own words and language. By the help and bounty of Allah He proved through words ,language of Logic and philosophy  also that Quranic Ayats and Ahadith explaining Aqeeda are correct in their meaning. 
He established the supremacy of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat over all other groups who were claiming themselves as Ratioal,logical and philosophical.
         By the help of Allah He not only deafted and chased away the groups of Deviated Aqeeda ,He also saved Ummat from a big catastroph.

Abul Hasan Ashari was not an advocator of interpretational approach.He brought these philosophical and logical approach to deal with the specific situation.(Out of necessity).
 You can understand it by this incidence
“One of his student Abu Abdullah bin Khafeef asked Imam Abul Hasan Ashari that I could not understand one point why you remain silent initially and give time to Muatazelli.You are of such capability that you can start the debate and then you can defeat them.Imam Ashari replied “I donot like to utter these sentences and points by my own tongue but once it is utterd by anyone then to counter it and to prove it as wrong becomes duty of people with right path” (Tabeen e kizbul muftari page 95,Tareekhe dawat o Azeemat Vol.1 page 107).

With this it is clear that he used these Interpretational approach to deal with the misled group only.
He himself written his position on Aqeeda in his book in these words

“My Aqeeda on which I am is to hold Quran Majeed And Sunnat Rasool with firm Hand and to accept and comply from scholars and Hadeeth only,I am firm on this Maslak, and I am adherent and follower of Imam Ahmad Ibne Hanbal (May Allah increase his level in Akhrat and give him the best reward).Whosoever is away from his Maslak I am away from him. Because he was such a Great Scholer and complete leader  and Allah clarified the right through him and weaned the wrong on his hand.Allah glorified the Sirate Mustaqeem and downed the Ahle Bidat ,and the spoiler,and those who create confusion on the hand of Imam Ahmad Ibne Hanbal.May Allah bless his mercy on the great Imam”
Imam Abul Hasan Ashari thought 
           1.He was of the view that source of Aqeeda is only Quran and Sunnat and explanation of Salfussalihin.
         2. But as under the influence of Greek philosophy issue is already burning and as philosophy is based on some hypothetical man made terms that is obviously not in quran and hadeeth, to remain silent at this juncture only because that these term are not in quran and hadith is a grave mistake.
        3.This silence will undermine the superiority of Quran and Sunnat and to intellectual class (muslims & Nonmuslims) it will be considered as weakness. (Nauzubillah).
       4. Already muslim youth mind and a good number of intellectual and kings were under influence and supremacy of the greek philosophy.
         5. So to counter them and to support the Aqeeda of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat ther is no harm in using logic and philosophical approach/hypothetical philosophical words prevailing at that time. He considered it not only necessary rather Jihad of that time.
          6. He was of the view that sahaba did not used these words because they did not faced the situation.
       7. In making Ta'weel,(Interpretational approach) he did not intend to oppose the Salaf, but to oppose the misled groups. He has stated if he was in the era of the Salaf, he would not have made any Ta'weel.

    1.    He became successful in stopping the flood of Muatazellah, and leashed a fresh blood in muslim Ummah and gave  confidence to Ahle Sunnat to counter any further intellectual assault on the Aqeeda of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat.  

2. And he finished the job he undertook for saving ummat Aqeedah  in the best possible manner.

3.Apart from verbal argument with Muatazellah he has written so many books also to neate the Aqeeda of naturist,atheist and other non believers. Some people has counted number of his books as 300 hundred.(Ref Tabeene kizbul Muftari).

Thats why he is regarded as Imam Of Ahle Sunnat.He has been described by Shah waliullah (R.A) as the Mujaddid of 3RD Century Hijri.He died in 324 Hijri and on his death it was announced that today Nasir e Sunnat has died.(From Saviors of Islamic sprit in short and after editing)
 May Allah give him best reward.

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