Dr zakir Naik frequently asked questions pattern is followed in muslim controversy and debates also

Dr. Zakir Naik the famous Orator used to say that Non Muslims generally has some common questions about misconception about Islam and he has prepared some 20 frequently asked questions on the issue.

This pattern is closely  followed..................... among Muslims also for controversial topics on the name of Islam and Group discussion.

If you analyze the topic of controversy on the name of Islam one may find these are also some 15-20 topic.

1. Following an Imam.
2. Waseelah permissible or not
3.Position of Hand in Prayer.
4. Ameen with loud vice or silently.
5. Women should come to mosque or not.

etc>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>some 15-20 topics

Characteristrics of these topics

1.Most of them are very old controversies.

2.When Ulemas and Jurist used to discuss these they were having background knowledge of different point of view and supporting Ahadith for position taken by other scholars.

3.Thats why their interpersonal relation used to be good and harmonious, and in most of the cases discussion used to be selecting the best option among the two/three correct position.

4.And both used to agree that on the basis of Ahadith there is possibility that other position also might be correct.

Now the situation has changed.

In the era of Internet and Facebook every one is free to express his opinion Whether he is competent or not.

Still you will not find an engineer advising/discussing about the use of Clopidogril and Aspirin in CVA. Similarly a doctor discussing about Air capacitor.

Similarly Islamic disciplines are very vast subject.That needs specialisation in particular field.

But among muslims you will find that the freedom of expression is mostly utilised on Islamic controversial subjects.

Although in Islam there are innumberable topics for which no controversy is there but they needs immediate attention.But hardly you will find any discussions on these topic, like................

1. How to prevent the widespread and open Shirk and Bidah from the society????

2.What are the ways for achieving our goals from Quran and Sunnah????????

3.Majority of Muslims are not coming to mosque.How to rectify it????????

4. Many muslim Women are not observing Purdah How to start a movement for this??????

5. How to save Muslims from Intrest related financial transaction/Business????

6. Establishment of Good Schools at par with public School so our Children could get education in Islamic Environment

7. How to eradicate the menance of Dowry System among Muslim????????????

And so on >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

But Ibless has diverted our route and has circled us in viscious manner.

Muslim Intellectuals/debator should ponder over it and if it is found correct should try to rectify it. 

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