Role of Group heads big Scholars in infighting/controvercies on name of Islam Aqeedah or Fiqh of Muslim Ummah

ROLE OF BIG ULEMAS/Group Head and leaders

For the work on our movement we interacted with leaders and big scholars through different means.

 Following Observations were found..........

1. All Big leaders/scholars of groups are knowledgeable,humble and pious people really concerned about Islam and pained with the affiars of Muslims. 

2. They know that actual difference between groups is very less.They really want that Muslim should not fight each other.And any difference should be sorted out in Scholary Maneer.

3. They never fight with each other i.e Have you ever seen that any big Salafi Alim fighting with Deobandi or Barelvi Alim or vice versa......

4. Even the present day internet article/videos against each other are by low level Alim or Non scholars.

1. When we talked ........Everyone was considering his group as victim. That they are only defending the false propaganda

2. All of them think actually other group is offender and writing/propagating wrong about my group.

3.Thats why they are not stopping the low level Scholars/video makers because at least they are countering the wrong propaganda against his group.

4. All of them supported the Idea of Muslim unity but they want someone else should take the lead as the lower level supporters are not aware the correct position they may not support and will be an embarrassing situation and division in the group. 

5. They will give full support if someone else take the leads.

TO get a first hand information requested to meet some Big Alim/Leaders of different groups.And comment your results.(Allah knows the best)

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