Essence of the Ruh of Suluk/tasawwuf/sufism by Maulana Hakeem Akhtar Sb

Essence of the Ruh of Suluk
Shaykh (Maulana) Hakeem Akhtar (HA)

Talab (desire/quest) is the objective. Wusul (attainment) is not an objective. This is confirmed by the Ahle Tareeq (scholars of Tasawwuf).

And when the above is accepted, then one should not nurture in one's heart the demand and insistence on achieving what is not one's objective, because this is also a barrier. The reason is that by nurturing such a demand, one is all the time in anxiety and disquietude in anticipation of what is not an objective. This anxiety and disquietude causes severance of jam'iyat and tafweedh (peace of mind and a state of entrusting), whereas both jam'iyat and tafweedh are preconditions for attainment (wusul).

My dear friend! Embed this and ground it in firmly within yourself!

Mujahadah is an objective, and is of two types:

Mujahadah haqeeqiyah: To be involved in good deeds, and to be steadfast in their performance; and to stay away from sin.

Mujahadah hikmiyah: To refrain from those mubahat that lead one to wards sin.

The Reality of Mujahadah

The reality of mujahadah is this that one should refrain from sin completely by resisting and opposing the nafs, and this resisting and opposing the nafs is wajib and fardh. Also, one should oppose the nafs to a lesser extent in what is mubah, and here resisting and opposing the nafs is mustahab. However, opposing the nafs in this latter situation is such that attaining that stage of opposition which is wajib is dependent on this opposition which is mustahab.
Examples of Mujahadah Mustahabah

To eat less; to sleep less; to associate less with others; to speak less; not to wear very fine clothes.

May Allah Ta'ala grant my mukhlis, muhib and sadiq friend the wealth of wusul and ridhaa and nisbat, aameen.

Ahqar Muhammad Maseehulla

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