Among the contentious point the one of the most commonly discussed is Waseela or its verb form TAWASSUL. We will deal this under following Chaptors.

1. Waseela literal meaning and and its Islamic Understanding.
2. Some key points about waseela that is unanimous among scholar.
3. Those Concepts/practice that are done on the name of waseela /or understood as type of  waseela but it is not waseela at all . Have no support from quran  and Hadith and from salfussaliheen . And it is unanimously rejected by all scholars and school of thought.
4.  Types of Waseela that is permissible/accepted by all Ulemas and school of thought, Quranic Ayats and Ahadeeth explaining these type of Waseela.

5. Only one type of waseela is contentious among muslims that is Waseela through Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam and any othe pious person after his death.

     A) Sunni(that includes all other than salfi) and Slafi arguments and their position & Point of view on this type of  Tawassul.
     B) Unbiased and neutralAnalysis of Argument based on the views of Great Muhaddithin and Imam of   undisputed repute on the Tawassul from Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam and the Aulia Allah.To analyse whose argument is stronger according to scholar of knowledge of the past. 
JAZAKALLAH (To be cont.......)

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