Imam of Ahle Sunnat Imam Ahmad Ibne Hanbal Sacrifice for Safeguarding Ahle Sunnat Aqeedah

Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal Rahmatullah Alaihi who is one of the four Imam of fiqh has another great contribution also.

He faced utmost HARDSHIP ,PRISON and torture for the safeguard of Deen o sunnat in the Fitna of Khalqe Quran launched by Mutazillah Firqa. 
This Muatazellah Firqa has finished Allah has finished now  Rather the deviated Aqeedah Firqa which came in 300hijri like Muatazellah, Jahmia, Qadria all have finished and died. Thanks to Allah.

The muslim king ordered him to be beaten by chabuk/Hunter .

Imam Ahmad himself has narrated whole story. You cannot stop yourself from crying with joy after knowing the glorious part of our dynamic history and  AZEEMAT of the Great Imam.
Imam Ahmad say,” Two events helped me a lot when I was in prison and going to be tortured.
 A person who was in Jail in connection with the crime of drinking Alcohol told” Ahmad please remain firm on your stand,you are being beaten in the path of sunnat.Wheras I have bore the hunter several times for drinking Alcohol and I did Sabar “

 When I was being taken towards Jail one village man told “Ahmad please do sabar because as soon as you will be killed next moment you will enter into Jannat”

(To be contd........)

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